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Elements of a Successful Research Paper

Writing a research paper is a challenging task as a student. There is no easy way to start and no shortcuts. You need a lot of concentration and dedication to develop a topic, do your research, choose the right methodology, create and use an outline, present your arguments and assertions, make interpretations, cite sources, write and revise your work. Nursing students can rely on this service for assistance with nursing essays Their team is well-versed in nursing topics and can help you produce essays that meet healthcare industry standards. However, there is no course for alarm. If you master the elements of a research paper, writing it will be very easy. You will start enjoying writing the research paper from there henceforth. 

You need to have a smart research paper

An excellent research paper should address all its objectives and capture the reader’s attention. It should automatically increase the readers’ knowledge using unbiased, comprehensive, concise, and accurate information on the subject. The data you give should also have supporting evidence from references and testimonials. For your research paper to be SMART, it should have some fundamentals to assist you in writing a research paper. These elements include:

Time: You need to have a timeframe and limits to effectively write and research paper and complete it within the deadline. Having a timeframe helps you stay focused and complete all the mini-tasks that make up the entire research paper. Without timing, you risk spending too much time on one section and having little time on some essential sections such as the research or discussion. 

Realistic: Your research paper should explore realistic arguments and assertions. It should also have a realistic objective that you can achieve. Your evaluations, arguments, and interpretations should come from reliable sources and valid evidence. 

Attainable: Your research paper needs to have a clear and concise statement. And the statement should be making meaningful contributions to the knowledge and understanding of your field of study. You should not have research questions that propose ideas that do not address real-life situations or are not based on existing data.

Measurable: Your research paper should cite all related literature and research sources and have proven and specific research.

Specific: Your research question should focus on a specific subject and answering certain gaps in the current world. It should not be aimless or inconsistent because it conveys misleading information or touches on unrelated subjects and topics.

Components of a research paper

A good writer should know all the components of a research paper. As you write, you should pay attention to every part and what you need to do in each. These components include: 

Title: It should be on its page. Align the title to the center of the page. 

Table of contents: You should number each page and reflect on the table of contents.

Introduction: It is the part that gives the context of the research paper. It gives the readers an overview of what to expect regarding the topic. You will state the hypothesis and the research question in the introduction. 

Methodology: Here is where you explain the method you will use to collect, organize and analyze. You will also justify why you chose the particular method for your data collection. If you choose to use a methodology from previous literature, unsure that it is valid and current. Otherwise, you risk weakening your research, and it may affect the credibility of your findings.

Findings and discussion: it is where you present all the data you collected, analyze it and interpret it accordingly. You can present your data in various forms that include word emphasis, examples, illustrations, quotations, graphs, and tables. 

Conclusion: It is a summary of what you found in your research. It should highlight the significant findings. Avoid introducing new information to the conclusion that is not in the findings.

Reference/Bibliography: Here is where you list all your references appropriately in the correct format and organization.